Viktor Blom’s Run Continues

Ever since he burst onto the online poker scene a few years ago Viktor Blom has been unable to stay out of the limelight. He was either winning hundreds of thousands of dollars in a single session or losing more than $4,000,000 in a day but whatever he was doing you could guarantee he was being talking about somewhere.

Fast forward to today and although he still plays the highest stakes cash games available, he has calmed down somewhat — as much as Blom can do that is — and now he can often be found plying his trade in multi-table tournaments. At the start of the year he had his first-ever big live score when he took down the $100,000 Super High Roller event at the PCA for a cool $1,254,000 and since then he has finished second in the €5,000 Heads-Up tournament at EPT Deauville, and finished seventh in the €10,000 High Roller events at EPT Berlin and more recently the EPT Grand Final. Now he has been tearing it up in online poker tournaments too, having won two major titles back-to-back SCOOP tournaments.

First Blom navigated his way through 8,240 players in a $215 event for a cool $247,200 pay day then the following day he bested a star-studded field of 486 in the $530 rebuy event to bag himself a further $182,000! The second win saw him start the one-on-one battle trailing by 1,300,000 to 4,200,000 chips but he fought his way back into the match, then took the lead then eliminated Ruxandescu to get his hands on the winner’s prize.

Let’s hope his new found winnings will see him back at the nosebleed stakes three, four and five bet bluffing all-in like only the enigmatic Swede can!

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