What’s In A Name?

Many people believe that you cannot really pick up any tells when it comes to online poker but those many are incorrect because there is one thing every single online poker player has to display at all times that can give some indication to their approach to the game; their screen name.

An opponent’s screen name can speak volumes about the type of person and player they are; you just need to know what to look for. Numbers after players’ names are usually indicative of how long they have been playing poker or how old they are. For example, it would be safe to assume that Bob1965 is a player called Bob who was born in 1965! Likewise, a player named Tony09 possibly started playing poker in 2009.

Other things to look out for include poker related words. Someone who says they are extremely loose is usually the complete opposite so expect LooseGoose to play like a nit and Rock30 to be a complete nutcase! Also, keep an eye out for those who have written their screen name in capitals; something that is seen as shouting in online circles, as these are likely to be fast and loose players.

One name-type you should be wary of if one that is a mixture of letters and numbers, where the numbers have been placed to look like letters. For example, P0k3rG3n1u5 is probably quite a complicated and complex individual and their approach to the game will almost certainly follow suit.

Please be aware that some players are aware of this and will create a screen name that tries to throw you off the scent, so like all reads treat them with caution but factor them into your decision making once you have some history with the players in question.

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