Prepare For A Deep Run

Many online poker players sit down in their favourite chair on an evening, log onto Betfred Poker and registered for a number of multi-table tournaments without much planning at all. Whilst this is perfectly fine for the vast majority of the time these players are potentially costing themselves money in the long run by not making some small preparations.

If you are playing poker tournaments on a regular basis, particularly if you are playing in medium to high stakes, then you really need to invest in a back-up internet connection. Whilst having two dedicated lines can be quite costly you can make a cheaper alternative by purchasing an “internet dongle” just for emergencies. If you lose the internet for whatever reason you can simply log on using your dongle and continue in your tournament.

You should also prepare a few small snacks and have plenty of drinks within easy reach so that you can get them without much distraction from the game in front of you. Going deep in a poker tournament such as the $200,000 guaranteed can take up to 10-12 hours and going that length of time without food and water can see your concentration levels seriously wane. Regular small snacks and drinks of water a the key here.

Finally, take full advantage of the breaks. Whilst it is tempting to just sit slumped in your seat stand up and have a walk about. Take a brisk walk up the stairs and do some basic stretches and crunches to get the blood pumping back around your body. Doing so also gives your eyes a much needed rest from the glare of the computer screen which in turn will help you play at your best for longer periods of time.

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