Poker And Gambling When Tired

Every year, around the summer time especially, the government in the United Kingdom run a road safety campaign urging drivers to take regular breaks and not to drive when tired. This is because trying to perform complicated tasks safely whilst tired is very difficult and there have been many comparisons drawn between tiredness and intoxication.

Although completely different activities you should also refrain from playing online poker or gambling on the best online casino that Betfred offer if you are feeling tired and lethargic. Many people become more aggressive when they are tired which can make you play hands and games sub-optimally — you may as well set fire to your money!

Sometimes you may just be having a slump in motivation and energy levels rather than actually being legitimately tired. If this is the case then a cup of coffee or a can of energy drink may give you a temporary reprieve but so will drinking a glass or two of water and eating some fresh fruit or a handful of nuts and berries — water especially.

Know your own body and know how you cope and react when you are tired because you will be the best judge of your abilities. If you are not feeling like you are in the zone then simply do not log on and come back after a small break ready and raring to go and win some of the lovely Betfred money!

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