Learn At Your Own Pace

One common piece of advice given to new poker players is to join a training site or poker forum then watch some of the better players in action at the virtual felt. This is good advice but if you are wanting to learn the game make sure you are doing so at your own pace and that you can walk before you can run.

Another piece of advice is that you should try to log as much volume as you possibly can; that is play as much poker as your time allows. Many advocate playing multiple tables at once, I myself am such a person, but you should only start to log lots of volume volume over multiple tables once you are crushing the games you are playing over one table, possibly two. This is because when you first start out it is important to grasp the basics and iron out any glaring mistakes in your game and glaring mistakes may not be that obvious to you just yet. For example, if you are a sit & go player you may be down to nine big blinds on the button with the tightest blinds in the world to your left yet you fold 8s4d when it is folded to you. This does not seem like a major problem but over a significant sample size you are literally setting fire to money by not shoving all-in in that spot. But if you are playing several tables and are blissfully unaware this is a mistake then you see the problem.

It is very easy to look at the big winning online poker players and try to emulate their success by copying how many tables they play etc but you have to learn this game at your own pace. Fail to build solid enough foundations and your career will simply never take off at any point.

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