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The popular Two Plus Two poker forums were hacked yesterday by an advanced hacker who managed to get hold of the email details of all their members. Furthermore, this hacker was so advanced that he managed to find a flaw in the software used to power the forums and now has access to everyone’s password. Whilst this is virtually impossible to do in the Betfred Poker and Betfred Casino clients it does serve as a stark warning to many online gamblers, myself included.

Many poker players and online casino regulars  use the same passwords for everything they use. Until recently I was guilty of doing this myself but no longer do so. They are also guilty of using real words and phrases to make their password memorable when the most secure passwords are made up of upper and lower case letters, symbols and numbers. I now use a free piece of software called LastPass that generates and manages your passwords for you. All you need is one master password and it looks after the rest for you, creating completely random sequences of text.

Along with passwords make sure you never enter you security details anywhere other than the Betfred products. Betfred will never contact you and ask for your password of security details so if you receive such an email contact customer support straight away. In a similar vein never open links and files from unknown sources as these can installed unwanted and malicious programs onto your machine that can expose your passwords to unscrupulous people.

The chances of you being targeted are very slim indeed but by looking after your own internet security you can reduce this chance event more then Betfred will look after matters this side of the fence!


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