White Rabbits

Yet another month has come to a close and there are only eight left until the end of the year. Whilst this sounds like an age away the end of 2012 will come round much sooner than we anticipate so it is time to get my grind on and get some serious amounts of poker played!

Although over the past week or so I have been playing cash games I am thinking of giving them a rest for this month so that I can concentrate on multi-table tournaments and possibly sit & go tournaments. Whilst I am a firm believer in playing cash games to gain experience playing better post-flop I am also from the school of thought that playing more of one particular type of game is better for you overall.

It is all good and well to know how to play Ts9s 150 big blinds deep when you can reload of you lose a hand (cash games) but if you plan on playing in tournaments on a regular basis that does not help you much at all because you are almost never that deep and in fact spend the majority of your time sat with between 15 and 40 big blinds in your stack.

As a general rule I do not set myself goals based on volume but for this month I will make an exception. By the end of May I will be bitterly disappointed with myself if I have not played at least 100 multi-table tournaments and at least 200 sit & go. Depending on how I am running in each format I may exchange one for the other but I will play a minimum of 300 tournaments by the time June comes around. That is only an average of 10 per day so it is certainly doable.

For this month too I will not be checking my account balance or seeing how I am doing in terms of results. A friend of mine recently did this and he said he helped his game no-end because he was not worried about protecting profits and nor was he interested in chasing loses; something I still struggle with today.

What May poker goals have you set yourself?

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