One-On-One Battles

No tournament brags or near misses for you today though I did play in eight games last night, heads-up sit & go tournaments. I had planned to play in at least 10 multi-table tournaments but I just was not feeling the love and just could not envisage myself sitting playing poker for potentially 10 hour, possibly more if I got really deep in some games, so gave them a miss instead.

My back-up plan is usually to play some cash games or some full-ring sit & go tournaments but again I just couldn’t be bothered due to my tiredness so opted to play some turbo one-on-one tournament instead. My little session finished with me having won five of the eight games for a small profit but more importantly I really enjoyed playing them. I used to play quite a lot of them a few years ago and started to do OK for myself but then I stopped playing them for reasons I cannot remember right now but I did.

One of the things about heads-up games is you are involved in literally every hand and many players now min-raise every single button but they don’t have a clue how to progress once you see a flop with them and most play far too many hands out of position, which is a great recipe for making me money. Whilst I do not think I will go back to playing them full time I do think I will add a few into my daily schedule as they are good fun and I find them a good stress reliever to boot.

I had a much needed 10-hour sleep last night so I am feeling much fresher today. Hopefully that will continue until later tonight when I will be able to log on and then play some multi-table tournaments and chase that big win once again!

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