Nice Profitable Day

Poker is one of the most fun games in the world when you are winning and yesterday was a nice profitable day that saw me add to my bankroll. By the time I turned off my trusty laptop yesterday evening I had played 27 single table tournament, each with a turbo structure, and had sewn up a nice little profit for myself.

My ITM, or In The Money, percentage was a nice 40.7% whilst my ROI, or Return On Investment, was 7.5%. If I can do that every day for the rest if the month it should be a pretty good month indeed! But what pleases me more than actually winning is the fact I felt I played superbly well, continually got my chips in good and according to the $EV statistic in my Holdem Manager 2 database, I should have won more than 10 times what I did; meaning I ran horrifically bad but still won! This is a great combination!

During crucial points of tournaments yesterday I lost with 86%, 77, 75% and 72% equity as well as losing my fair share of flips. But this did not stop me from winning three poker tournaments, finishing second in four and third in four of them too. If only I could have turned the seven fifth place finishes into cashes I would have been in a much better bragging position!

As you can probably tell, I am not in the mood for playing multi-table tournaments right now and I am more than happy to continue grinding out this games in order to continually turn a profit. Here’s to the next session!

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