Hi There Overpair!

Last night i played in a total of eight multi-table tournaments and although I made it into the money in three of them I actually lost our financially. That was mainly due to the fact I played in a $22 rebuy where I rebought once and purchased the add-on only to bust out 15 places for the money was paid out. Typical of how I am running right now that is for sure.

Last night was quite frustrating not only because I kept running into overpairs all the time in crucial situations but I was also playing quite badly. My initial plans were to start registering for tournaments at 19:00 and continue all the way up to 23:00 but I stopped registering for tournaments at 21:15 because I just was not feeling the love.

Whenever you are not feeling 100% then you should simply stop registering for games or sit out when the blinds reach you because you will leave money at the table. Poker is a game that, if you want to be successful, you have to play your A-game at all times otherwise you will be left behind by those around you who are playing to the best of their ability.

There was one positive to take from the session though and that was the fact i won an $11 sit & go to help dig myself out of the hole but I need to play better and for longer if I am to take my tournament career to the next level.

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