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I said that a decent score was just around the corner because the way I was playing in multi-table tournaments meant that eventually the cards had to fall my way and the poker gods made it happen! Last night, although I fell short of the actual win, I reached the final table from 147 runner to help myself to around 40 times my buy-in. On top of that, on a different site, I managed to chop a large field tournament four ways for over $3,000.

Once I reached the final table of the tournament with 147 runners I basically walked over the opposition because it was blatantly obvious they were simply trying to ladder up the payout scales. With them playing so passively I was able to apply constant pressure to them and they just let me pick up chips after chips like they did not want them! I 100% believe that I would have taken that tournament down had it not been for running AhQh into the table donkey’s pocket fives, which held, to leave me with around seven big blinds. These went in when first into the pot from the small blind with Ts8c and the man who held the pocket fives earlier called with KdJd. Neither of us improved out hands and I was gone in fourth spot.

I was going to enter a few more tournaments tonight but I am not sure if I will bother now because I am feeling quite tired due to just 2.5 hours sleep plus I have a few family commitments to take care of and when they are sorted I doubt I will be in the right frame of mind to play poker online! However, me being me I can see myself playing in a few SNG at some point in the evening!

Good luck if you decided to play poker this weekend.

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