Break-even Sessions = Frustrating

Most poker players hate to lose and whilst that runs true for me also, I also hate to break-even. Whenever I break-even I just see it as a complete waste of time, but I suppose at least I gained some valuable experience so I should not think like that.

Last night I played just short of 900 hands of short-handed No Limit Hold’em cash games and lost just $0.72! The session took me 2 hours 26 minutes to complete and was one of the swingyest sessions I think I have every played. Within 25 minutes I was in the red by $87 then with just five minutes to go until I shutdown my computer for the night I was $25 up but then lost a large pot right at the death to see me break-even. I actually made around $10 thanks to the VIP scheme but it is frustrating to grind it out for more than two hours and essentially have nothing to show for it. That’s poker though I guess.

I feel in a good place right now in poker and I can feel big things just around the corner. The only slight worry I have is that I am making at least one big mistake per session and that is generally costing me a full stack and really holding me back. last night was no different. i had opened first in from the small blind and the big blind, who I had no reads on three-bet me. I was holding ace-queen offsuit and four-bet then stupidly called when villain moved all in. He showed me pocket kings, which held, and I reloaded. At the time I actually four-bet small with the intention of folding to a shove but just did not follow through with my plan, instead convincing myself he had made this move with a hand like 99-JJ gifting me the required pot odds to call.

This is something that will come with time and experience I suppose. It doesn’t help that I am a big calling station at the best of times either!

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