Another Deep Run

Last night was yet another one of these close but no cigar moments when I had a deep run in an online poker tournament. There were 550 entrants in this particular tournament with over $1,200 for the winner and I busted in 20th spot for just $40.08. Although it is disappointing to not go even deeper and at least reach the final table I guess I have to be pleased with the fact I am continually going deep in these games and that if I keep doing that then a big score is surely just around the corner.

In this particular tournament there were no cooler hands for me to get angry about, in fact there were a distinct lack of hands; particularly in the latter stages when I simply could not find a playable hand and when I did find one I will willing to play the action in front of me dictated I needed to fold. I finally moved all in for 47,245 on our six-handed table from UTG+1 with blinds at 3,500/7,000/875a with Qd4d and I was looked up by a dominating AsQs. The board ran out Ks-2h-Jc-Kh-10h, improving villain to an unnecessary straight and I busted out in 20th place.

Whilst I was playing my multi-table tournaments I also played some heads-up sit & go but any ideas to play these on a regular basis re to be shelved for the time being. Although I enjoy playing them I feel I have fallen behind in terms of how the game has progressed lately and I would prefer to dedicate time to improving at MTTs than HUSNG as things stand right now.

I’m not overly sure how much poker I will get to play this weekend but I am hoping for a whole host of tournament action to take place. Here’s to something other than a deep run! Good luck at the tables and have a great bank holiday weekend.

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