Adding Some Extra Cards

Yesterday was a very frustrating session at the sit & go tables. Very frustrating to say the least. I only played in 20 tournaments because I was starting to feel tired but during those 20 games I saw some ridiculous beats; but at least this means I am continuing to get my money in good which is all you can do in this crazy game we all love. In those 20 games I had an ITM of just 30% which lead to an ROI of -12.9% which is far from ideal but over 20 games these things happen. In fact these things happen over 200 games and often more so I should count myself lucky that it wasn’t worse.

When I cut my session short I was initially going to play Battlefield 3 online and relieve some stress by getting blow up by 15 year old Americans online, but instead I sat watching some Pot Limit Omaha cash games and despite not being able to see the hole cards it was quite enjoyable.

I have played the game previously, probably around 20,000 hands in my lifetime but I always played it when I simply did not have the bankroll to sustain the swings. If I am entirely honest I do not know if I can handle the swings mentally because they can be extremely wild, even at the low stakes I would be playing but something keeps drawing me to the four-card game!

My bread and butter games are still going to be sit & go tournaments and multi-table tournaments but I think I also need to mix in some PLO cash games too. The No Limit Hold’em cash games have grown a little tiresome for me but maybe if I am not in the mood for tournament poker I can jump into some PLO games and splash around because it is one of the most fun games I have ever played.

I’m planning on playing in at least 30 possibly 40 sit & go tournaments today and hopefully three or four multitable tournament but if the latter go badly and I finish up busting our early doors I think you will find me me splashing around in the PLO cash games!

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