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In almost every game of gambling, there is talk about strategy. The term strategy usually refers to the way a player plays the game, like the basic strategy in blackjack. The term strategy can also refer to the things that a player does or doesn’t do that enhance the player’s chances of winning. These two statements do not always mean the same thing, especially when referring to a game of chance like bingo and other games of the lotto family.

Raise your chances

A game of chance means that there is no way that the player can play the game to affect the outcome. With bingo this means that there is no manner in which the player can affect the number that is drawn and called. The selection of the number is the result of a random independent selection process. There is no way to predict the outcome and no way the player can play the game to influence the outcome. When a player wins at bingo, it is the result of chance and luck, not skill or strategy. From the point of view of how to play the game, there is no such thing as a winning bingo strategy.

Lucky Numbers

Since each number has the same chance of being selected, this means that each card has the same chance of having the winning numbers. The more cards the player plays, the more chances the player has of having the winning cards. This is why most players try to play as many cards as possible. The number of cards played is the only variable that the player can control and the only way in which the player can enhance his or her chances of winning.

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